Corvus Corone (thecamoninja) wrote,
Corvus Corone

It's an itch that never goes away. Like a half grown beard.

I've noticed myself growing more and more irritable lately. There was a period in there where I was making an honest effort not to be, but it seems like small things start setting me off more and more lately.

I'm not sure if it's the amount of stimulants i'm putting into my body on a semi regular basis to get me through the day, my nonregular sleep cycle, lack of actually nourishing food, work stress, personal stress, the fact that the fortune cookies are trying to blow sunshine up my ass (and lying!), All the voyager i've been watching, my absent mindedness, the fact that i'm not sleeping in a very comfortable bed, the amount of heat and light outside on a regular basis, or the fact that I'm actually trying to add further activities into this horribly busy schedule I have for myself.

Probably a combination thereof, but maybe I should lay off the fortune cookies.

I suppose it's a high price to pay, but I do feel like I'm getting back to myself, minus a few things that I doubt I'll ever get back at this point.

I am who I am, and as a very wise man said (after a few drinks were in him), "the heart wants what it wants". And really, no one ever does tell you that forever feels like home, sitting alone inside your head.
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