Corvus Corone (thecamoninja) wrote,
Corvus Corone

June sure is gonna suck.

Not to mention the fact that I hate summer to begin with.

Well, two more people declined the pity date to an awkward wedding invitation (surprisingly not due to the awkward part), both had good excuses it's just making me more aprehensive about all of it. Both were good friends and I know were doing everything they could, it's just life says no sometimes.

I mean, should I be this terrified about it? I don't know, probably not. Am I? Fuck yeah. Urgh, I wish I wasn't in this situation. I'm gonna go, take my last tour through Rochester in the process. Well, that seems more final than it is, it's the last tour I see myself taking. Things could bring me back eventually, but that's a lot to expect to go right for anything resembling a realist.

Afterwards, I can go back to being the waste of space and air that I am. Really, the world has no place for dead men.
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