Corvus Corone (thecamoninja) wrote,
Corvus Corone

Social Politics

On sunday, I made the comment: "There isn't the social politics bs to deal with in Kalamazoo"

I'd like to amend this statement a little. As worded, that's a lie and I should fix it.

Do social politics exist in Kzoo? yeah. Of course they do, there are people. Are some of the Kzoo politics the same as the Roch ones? Yep. They normally are the ones I didn't have to worry about in Roch (Ie: Female hierarchy/grouping politics).

Now. As for the rest, I think they just got shifted. Maybe it's a ratio thing, or whatever. What I lost politics wise, was the male posturing, scumbagging, stupid crusades, ect. politics. I tried my hardest not to get involved in them, because i find them dumb and for the most part, participating actually meant going against my moral code.

What did I trade that for? Well, instead of the "how you treat your male friends" part of my moral code that very few people in Rochester seemed to believe was even possible being generally shunned and scoffed at, it's my "how you treat the women in your life" one.

You'd think this would bother me more. But, well... this way i'm not an outcast because I refuse to follow the local philosophy. In Rochester, I was taken advantage of severely because of the same refusal.

So, while the politics do exist. I'm much less involved. Statement mostly edited.
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